▲▲▲ nicole amber kost
when calendars cram 23/30 (and 24/31) into one square
being married
old portland sidewalks
the plastic sticker on a new cd case
trying to laugh silently
blueberry juice
commercials before movies
self-adhesive postage stamps
biff henderson's america
southern accents
having a secret list, too
arriving in a city i've never visited
the tedium of looking for the best deal
"portland, oreg."
phrase: "Who'da thunk it?"
car talk
not-from-concentrate orange juice
word: numismatics
the sound of a coach's whistle
mario kart 64
making a half-court shot
music: weezer (blue album), weezer
making lists
classic cartoon sound effects
"wiggly" roads
happy little fat dogs
the smell of carbonless copies
word: nosh
shortcut keys
grandparents' travel trailer, circa 1982
tv: "macgyver"
sweet navel oranges
grilled cheese sandwiches
large-format photography
t-shirts from small, unknown businesses
model train layouts
wax seals on old letters
little green army men
word: bauxite
watching the odometer roll over
film: waking ned divine
word: gumption
wendy's embarrassingly yellow napkins
word: genuflect
actor: donald sutherland
scott's drawings of trucks
lexan water bottles (e.g. nalgene, lifeline)
well-intentioned, but unnecessary, courtesy
last-second lane mergers
calling a wool cap a "joe cap"
confirmation numbers
film: the truman show
cobalt blue
truck stops
word: sluice
book: the brothers k
getting carded
music: moby
direct deposit
freezing rain
peeling off an extra, blank sticky note
word: stochastic
tree forts
bacon bits
paper cuts
getting a good dig on a hard kill
old photos of portland
street name etymology
popcorn bits stuck in my gums
unscented laundry detergent
pens left uncapped
author: a. w. tozer
banjo breakdowns
entertainment-news (celebrity worship) shows
prank letters
pouring m&m's into the loudest possible container
actors: laurel and hardy
chicago, illinois
music: stevie wonder
academy awards' annual parade of the dead
my handwriting
"clever" magazine article titles
making up names
homemade split pea & ham soup
car chase scenes
old company logos
incessant whining from the payroll department
film: whale rider
sunny saturdays in late winter
salted walnuts
edo, the ethiopian parking lot attendant
road trips
music: enya
photo radar
predictive text
sermon podcasts
water avenue/omsi shortcut
perforated paper
pineapple juice
unabridged dictionary
the smell of an old book
my clutter
word: nomenclature
finishing laundry
actor: morgan freeman
"i love you"
sleeping in
music: phil keaggy
word: quincunx
steel drums
cyrillic alphabet
carrot cake
columbia gorge
music: "variations on 'ah, vous dirai-je, maman'"
music: "alice's restaurant"
four-part harmonization
le happy
actress: kirsten dunst
cherry red
film: napoleon dynamite
tv: "danger mouse"
cold pizza
word: limacine
automatic stapler
being late to work
time-lapse photography
wearing earplugs to bed
the way she smelled
music: the chieftains
most portland bridges
big jigsaw puzzles
crumbs on the mousepad
the smell of the forest
space heater
paying off a loan
hitting the post
cell phones ringing in the office
chronic complainers
secret passageways
ufo pizza
slightly underripe bananas
receiving personal mail
silent, restrained laughter
bleu cheese
whispering "whoo-hoo!"
straight lines
organizing music files
long fingernails typing
cold cheddar cheese
gold paperclips